Waldmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds








Champion Waldmeister Henry J.W.

Champion Waldmeister Henry J.W.

This is Henry at the Dachshund Club 2009, where he gained his crowning, third CC to make him into a Champion.  Here he is with a very proud owner and the breed specialist judge,  Janet Mcleod (Janjac).  Henry won his first CC at Welsh Kennel Club 2008, under Elaine Morris, at 16 months and his second at the Midland Dachshund Club under Sue Ergis at 2 years old.  Henry also has 4 Reserve CC's and his Junior Warrant.

Henry has the most fantastic temperament - here he is playing with some 10 week old puppies that Jackson sired.  The owner brought them to visit and all the boys ran around and played with them for 2 hours.  Below is Champion Henry on New Years Day 2010.


Henry is still a baby at heart - here he is playing tag with 2 of Jackson's puppies.

Here is Henry on his 2nd birthday - Easter Monday 2009 - just been stripped ready for the summer shows.  At the Northern Dachshund Club in May 2009, Henry won Limit Dog and gained his 2nd Reserve CC.

Here is Henry on the scent!




Below is a picture of Henry winning his class at the Hound Association Championship Show in August 2008, where he gained the last 3 points for his Junior Warrant