Waldmeister Dual Purpose Dachshunds









Puppies In Their New Homes






Rigby is a son of Hattie and Aldo - he has gone to live the good life in Wales, with his new owners, Mark and Juliet who kindly keep us updated on his progress. He is obviously enjoying his new life!



What a handsome boy Rigby is - super head, beautiful coat and lots of healthy bone!! Hereditary clear for both Lafora and PRA Cord 1



3 of our boys have gone to live in Essex - (Waldmeister Brook and Waldmeister Morgan - father and son and Waldmeister Charlie Brown)  They live with another mini-wire and 3 mini-longs in Essex.  They are occasionally shown by Blanche (in the picture) and rule the local waterfront.  Their aim in life is to have as many holidays as possible and enjoy life to the full, particularly on their frequent caravanning trips!  Waldmeister Brook (at Aristodax) is also the sire of our Waldmeister Jackson.  A new puppy from Waldmeister has joined the Essex gang - Waldmeister Charlie Brown, who is occasionally shown and has always been in the first three places.

Opposite is Waldmeister Siegfried (Freddie), who has gone to live in Buckinghamshire.  He is the brother of Denzel, a son of Henry and Guillie.  He lives with his half brother Wolfie, (below) who is the son of Guillie and Gino.


Here are the Aristodax boys playing in the grass and enjoying the Essex sunshine ............................. something we haven't seen too much of up here in the North!!



Here's Freddie, exploring at home before leaving to explore his new surroundings.




This is Waldmeister Ruby - she lives in Chorley, hunting daily and running about in the stables.  She is Jackson's sister.